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What is hot-dip galvanizing?

It is an industrial process which involves dipping clean steel in a basin filled with molten zinc at 450°C to create a metallurgical bond between zinc alloys covered by a layer of pure zinc. The first alloy so created is as strong as the base metal. This is what gives hot-dip galvanizing its excellent resistance to abrasion. The smooth and clean outer layer of zinc absorbs shocks, while the underlying layers provide excellent basic protection to the metal.

The added value of hot-dip galvanizing

Dipping clean steel in a molten zinc bath (450°C / 840°F) generates a metallurgical bonding of zinc alloys. These layers are subsequently coated with pure zinc. The first steel alloy is harder than steel itself. This is what gives hot-dip galvanizing its high resistance to abrasion. While the smooth, pure zinc outer layer absorbs shocks, the other layers of alloys provide excellent protection to the base metal.

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Corbec and Galvanisation Quebec Invest $12 Million in their Princeville facility

Corbec Inc., the leader in Hot-Dip Galvanizing and Galvanisation Quebec announce today a $12 million investment in a new modern galvanizing line at their existing Princeville facility. This project will create 50 new fulltime jobs, increasing employment in The Group to well over 400.

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