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Galvanizing process

Galvanizing process

What does hot-dip galvanizing mean?

It is a process which consists in producing a metallurgical bond between steel and zinc, in a factory, under carefully controlled conditions. Thus treated, steel acquires corrosion resistance due to a surprising molecular bond between the two metals and cathodic protection.

Pre-galvanizing metals inspection

We only galvanize after a prior thorough inspection of the materials to be processed. The inspection seeks to:

Cleaning and degreasing

Then comes the surface preparation step, including:


After the acid cleaning, the steel goes through a zinc ammonium chloride solution to protect it against oxidation before the galvanizing process, ensuring optimum fusion between the steel and the zinc.

Hot-dip galvanizing


Final inspection

International standards require a certain thickness of the galvanizing layer. Careful inspection will be performed to ensure that the standards are met. If necessary, a certificate will be issued.

Warning: for optimal efficiency and performance, the dipping baths, as well as the procedures and inspection equipment are regularly inspected.